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If you have trouble with your earphones falling out, here are a couple tips that have worked for me.

The first idea involves spending a little money. If your earphones are the type with replaceable ear tips, the ones that come with the earphones are usually pretty generic and not meant to make a tight fit. They’re great for listening when you’re sitting or just walking, but when you’re active, they are more likely to slip.  But many manufactures make “pro” tips that are designed to make a better fit, and they come in different sizes and shapes. With a little trial and error you can generally find ear tips that stay in better than the original ones that come with the earphones. Personally I like the double flanged ear tips from JLab Audio (pictured above). They come in three sizes, and the design gives a nice grip in my ears, but you can find others for sale. With a little research you can probably find one that will work for you. (On a side note, I also like JLab’s earphones in general.)

The second idea costs nothing and is low tech, but I find it effective. Putting the cord over my ear before inserting the ear tips takes weight off the ear tips and lets the cord be part of the support. Personally I think behind the head is a little more stable, but there isn’t a lot of difference so I just wear them whichever way strikes me each time.

Try one or the other or both of these things and see what works for you. I hope this helps some of you, and I’d love to hear from you if you’ve tried this or if you have other tips for this or other runners’ problems! If I get any, I’ll collect them and add them to a Running Tips page.

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